Organization Listing

The list of all Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) can be found in Owl Life.

Owl Life is the web-based organizations and events platform used to access all 300 Registered Student Organizations, explore various on-campus departments' services, voice your opinion in campus wide votes & discover events to enhance your student experience at KSU.

Students who want to join RSOs can search for organizations by clicking on the "Organizations" tab at the top and browse by organization name or categories. Click on organization names to learn about the purposes of each student organization and how to become a member. Students can set their personal settings or indicate interests by logging in to Owl Life with their Net-ID & password and clicking on their name in the top right corner of Owl Life. By selecting your picture or initial in a circle in the top right corner, students can select "Account" from the sidebar menu, then "Interests" and select their personal interests for Owl Life to personalize organization & event recommendations. In the "Account" section students can add a profile picture, contact information and update their notification settings for Owl Life.

If you have questions about getting involved in a Registered Student Organization, please contact RSO Support at

RSO student leaders can use Owl Life to manage their organizations with the roster, messaging, elections, and forms features. Students listed as officers on organization rosters in Owl Life have access to the management features for their organization pages. Check out the "Owl Life Resource Guides" folder in the "Documents" section of the Student Activities page for information about how to utilize the management features of Owl Life.


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