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About Us

Kennesaw Activities Board, better known to the public as KAB, is one of the programming boards at Kennesaw State University! We are responsible for turning your student FEES into FUN through concerts, festivals, food, and more -- all for you!! We are all about presenting a diverse and varied programming calendar that meets the social, recreational, cultural, and intellectual requests of the KSU student body.

Stay tuned because we're coming at you BIGGER and BETTER!!

#WeMakeItHappen #KABTakesFlight 

Mission and Values

The mission of KAB is to provide a well-rounded college experience through educational and social activities. KAB programs promote and develop community growth, with leadership opportunities, as well as social networking in a supportive environment. KAB is a student-run organization and is supported by student activity fees. KAB programs are developed by students and for students. 

Our values are built into our slogan: “KAB takes FLIGHT”.

  • Friendship- We encourage relationship building through social networking.
  • Leadership- We help students foster leadership skills through hands on experiences.
  • Inclusion- We will create and uphold a diverse community that appreciates openness and equity for all students.
  • Growth- We will help foster social and leadership development with KAB leaders and volunteers.
  • Happiness- We will create a supportive and appreciative community that will help encourage over all happiness in our members.
  • Teamwork- We will work together as an executive board, within committees, and with the whole organization in order to plan and execute successful events.

Kennesaw Activities Board Executive Board

  • President: Kaitlyn Blade
    Vice President of Programming (VPP): Christina Leach
    Vice President of Marketing (VPM): Rodney Franklin
    Secretary: Agyei Peterkin
    Marketing Chair: Jasmine Holland
    Marketing Chair: Janelle Moton
    Hot Topics Chair: Morgan Mitchell
    Entertainment Chair: Camryn Davis
    Entertainment Chair: Taryn Ferguson
    Spirits & Traditions Chair: Marcayla Hannah
    Spirits & Traditions Chair: Matthew Yancey
    Daytime & Trips Chair: Cornelius Jeffries

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Instagram: @KSUKAB
Twitter: @KSU_KAB
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Annual Reports

2018-2019 Annual Report
2017-2018 Annual Report