Event Request FAQ

Q: Who can reserve space on campus?

A: Only entities affiliated with KSU can reserve space on campus via the reservation system, KSU Reservations (formerly VEMS). This includes KSU employees and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) that are on-file with Student Activities. Visit publicforum.kennesaw.edu for information about KSU's Feedom of Expression Policy.


Q: What is KSU Reservations?

A: KSU Reservations is the reservation system for KSU that offers a comprehensive listing of Kennesaw and Marietta campus events. Users can search locations by date from the "Browse Locations" section of the menu. The "My Reservation Templates" section, upon login, allows Faculty, Staff and Student users to request space on the Kennesaw campus or the Marietta campus via the appropriate reservation template. KSU Reservations can be access at reservations.kennesaw.edu.


Q: How can RSOs request space on campus?

A: The President and Reservation Delegate are granted access to KSU Reservations after completing the required training. The President and/or the Reservation Delegate will log-in to reservations.kennesaw.edu with their Net-Id & password, then select the appropriate reservation template to request a space on campus. A reservation specialist from Student Activities will process the request. An email will be sent to the person who completed the space request form with the confirmation details. Until the confirmation email is sent, that space is not reserved. Please note that University Events should never process RSO space requests. 


Q: How are the President and Reservation Delegate granted access to KSU Reservations?

A: Each year the President and Reservation Delegate of each organization must sign complete the appropriate Student Life online training found at campustraining.kennesaw.edu. Once the officers complete the required training and the organization finishes the Registration process, the President & Reservation Delegate are granted access to KSU Reservations. Only those listed as "President" & "Reservation Delegate" on the roster of active RSOs have access to reserve space via reservations.kennesaw.edu.


Q: How many people per organization can reserve space on campus?

A: Two people per organization are granted access to reserve space, the President and Reservation Delegate. The Reservation Delegate can be any member in an organization, but is usually the vice president, secretary, or events chair that has the responsibility of reserving space for the organization. 


Q: Which reservation template should I use for an event (a reservation that needs a customized set up, contract support, catering, amplified sound, fundraising support, and/or parking needs)?

A: The "Request a Campus Event" template should be used for events. It has additional spaces and questions that are not in other templates to ensure you can request the resources you need for your event and we can help you comply with applicable University policies.


Q: When can I use the "RSO Request a Simple Meeting" template?

A: When you are having a meeting that does not require amplified sound, catering (food delivery and food that does not require temperature maintenance does not count as catering), parking for off campus guests, contracts, off campus speakers, fundraising and/or a customized set up you can use the "RSO Request a Simple Meeting" template. This template is for meetings only, not events.


Q: Can I make a reoccurring space request?

A: Yes! If you have weekly, biweekly or monthly meetings, please use the "Recurrence" button in the "Date & Time" section of the "Request a Campus Event" template. If you have different events happening every month you should not use the "Recurrence" button.


Q: Who should be listed as the primary & secondary contact in the online reservations form?

A: The primary contact should be the person completing the form (President or Reservation Delegate) and the secondary contact should be the RSO Advisor. RSO Advisors are listed as secondary contacts so they can request door access to the reserved space for the RSO.


Q: Where do I see the event details for my confirmed space?

A: Each confirmed space request is accompanied with a reservation confirmation email with details regarding access, audio visual support, and set up information. This email is sent to the primary and secondary contact for the reservation. Be sure to review this information before your RSO event to ensure you have the correct reservation resources.


Q: How do I change or cancel my confirmed reservation?

A: If for any reason your organization needs to cancel or change your reservation details, utilize this form. Please note that the Reservation Cancellation or Change Request form cannot be submitted less than two business days prior to the event.


Q: How can I see which spaces are available without logging in to the reservation system?

A: Although only the President & Reservation Delegate can log in to reservations.kennesaw.edu to make reservations, anyone can view the calendar to see available spaces on campus in the "Browse Locations" section. Go to https://reservations.kennesaw.edu/BrowseForSpace.aspx and use the filters at the top of the page to search for available space. It is imperative that if the student leader coordinating a RSO event is the not the Reservation Delegate or President, that the student leader works with the Reservation Delegate or President to properly reserve the space and request the appropriate resources for the event.


Q: How can I change the Reservation Delegate/update that position in my org's Owl Life roster?

A: Student org leaders have access to manage all parts of a RSO's roster in Owl Life except for the positions of President & Reservation Delegate. Each year during Re-Registration (July-September) student leaders update their information with Student Activities and update officers. To change those two positions and change who has access to reserve space for the organization after Re-Registration, the Advisor or the President currently listed on the organization's Owl Life roster must fill out the Officer Update (for President, Reservation Delegate, and/or Advisor) form, which is found in the "Forms & Resources" section of the Student Activities website (this website). This notifies Student Activities staff who will then list the new President and/or Reservation Delegate as "President (pending)" and/or "Reservation Delegate (pending)" in the roster. The new President and/or Reservation Delegate of each organization must complete the appropriate Student Life online training found at campustraining.kennesaw.edu. Once the officers completes the online training, Student Activities staff will switch the positions to non-pending on the roster. The new President and/or Reservation Delegate will be pulled into the next reservation access feed update and be granted access to KSU Reservations. Only those listed as "President" & "Reservation Delegate" on the roster of active RSOs can reserve space via KSU Reservations.


Q: How long does it take to process a space request?

A: All space requests must be submitted a minimum of 5 business days before the event when using the "Request a Campus Event" template. Large events (attendance of 50+ people, requires contracts, payments, and/or security presence) should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event. It is advised that student leaders schedule a meeting with a Student Activities reservation specialist well before 30 days prior to the event to work out the logistical details of the event. The primary student coordinating the event and the Reservation Delegate should meet with a reservation specialist. 


Email rsoreservations@kennesaw.edu with questions or concerns regarding reservations and event planning on Kennesaw campus. Email wilsonstudentcenter@kennesaw.edu with Marietta campus event and reservation questions.