Student Organization Event Planning Guide

Scrappy wearing a face coveringStudent organizations--including RSOs, fraternities, and sororities--play an important role in maintaining a safe campus environment.  As a result of Kennesaw State University’s response to Coronavirus, student organization activities and events must be modified to ensure the safety of our students and community members.  As your organization prepares events and activities for this spring, this website will serve as a comprehensive resource for event planning and operations.  Please keep in mind that all University announcements and up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 can be found on the KSU Coronavirus Information and Resources and University System of Georgia websites.  Additional information regarding event planning can be found through the Department of Event and Venue Management
Listed below are resources and information for you to consider and account for as you plan for the Summer and Fall 2021.  The information provided below is meant to serve as guidance and a resource to help students and student organizations engage, build community, and cultivate a sense of belonging while still observing the COVID-19 Event Planning requirements.  For assistance with planning your program or meeting, please email 

Updated May 26, 2021.

Virtual Meetings and Events

Student organizations are encouraged to conduct meetings and events virtually as a first option whenever possible.  Resources for conducting virtual meetings can be found in the Virtual Meeting / Event Resources section below.

  • KSU has a Microsoft feature called "Teams" that allows you to meet online (similar to Zoom, Skype, etc.).  This is a great way to conduct virtual chapter, general body, executive board, or one-on-one meetings.  Please visit the University Information Technology Services (UITS) website for instructions.  If you have questions about this technology, please contact the UITS Student Help Desk at (470) 578-3555 during the hours posted on their website.   Some fast facts about Microsoft Teams:

    • Can have 250 maximum participants
    • Works with non-Microsoft Office 265 users
    • Ability to share screen during meetings
    • Can share files with the Team
  • Your organization is able to hold a livestream event through Teams Live.  You may reserve a Teams Live on the Reservations Portal by searching for "Teams Live" in the location options for the Internal Event Request Form.  Some fast facts about Teams Live:

    • May have up to 9 presenters and 1 producer
      • Presenters and producer must have Microsoft Office 365 (all KSU students, faculty, and staff have this)
      • Presenters and producer can share screens and turn cameras on/off
    • Can have up to 10,000 participants
      • Participants can see the video but will not be on video
      • Participants must interact through the Q&A section or chat feature only
  • Owl Life offers a variety of features to help your organization operate online, including elections, constitution/bylaw amendments, email messaging, documents, forms, and roster management.  For step-by-step instructions on how to use all of these features, please review the Resource Guides below.  For questions about Owl Life, please email

    Owl Life Resource Guides:

  • All KSU students have their own Zoom accounts, which can host meetings for up to 300 people.  Students can access their Zoom accounts at

    If your organization would like to host a Zoom event/webinar, please reserve a Zoom Webinar on the Reservations Portal:

    • For a 300 person Zoom event, please search for "300 Person Zoom Event" in the location options for the Internal Event Request Form.
    • For a 1000 person Zoom event, please search for "1000 Person Zoom Webinar" in the location options for the Internal Event Request Form.


In-Person Events and Activities

  • Please email to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our Event Coordinators. No walk-ins will be allowed. 

    • Please place your request through the KSU Reservations Portal.  Your Event Coordinator will work with you to choose a location and plan to assist in following the appropriate social distancing protocols.    
    • The option of virtual participation for members who are not comfortable attending a face to face meeting is recommended.
    • Groups should make sure members and guests know that if they are sick, they should not attend face to face activities, events, or meetings. 
    • Groups should provide information to all members regarding appropriate action steps if a member reports being ill/sick and/or may have been exposed to COVID-19. 
    • Due to space limitations, events with an expected attendance of 250 or greater will not be scheduled until August 1, 2021 with the exception of Academic Classes, Athletic Competitions, and Signature Events. 
    • Bring sanitation wipes/spray for your attendees to disinfect surfaces.  High touch areas should be cleaned before, after, and periodically throughout the event. The client is responsible for identifying high touch areas prior to the start of the event with the assistance of their Event Coordinator.
    • Simple Meetings may be booked as they typically have through the KSU Reservations Portal
    • The hosting student organization is responsible for following and enforcing all applicable guidelines.  Meetings or events found in violation may result in loss of reservation privileges for the remainder of the semester and/or referral to the Department of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity
    • All on campus RSO and FSL events should maintain a record of attendance in Owl Life.  Upon receipt of confirmation for your in-person meeting or event, please follow the instructions for creating an event in Owl Life
    • Card readers are available for checkout beginning in the Fall 2021 Semester.  Please visit the Student Activities website to request the use of a card reader.  You may also take attendance at your event using the contactless attendance tracking feature in Owl Life
    • For questions or assistance with setting up an event in Owl Life or tracking attendance, please email
    • To find a space on campus that fits the size of your event (the number of attendees), enter your search criteria using filters on the left-hand side of the Reservation Portal.
    • For questions about finding a space that fits your meeting or event, please email
    • Beginning August 1, 2021, Events and Meetings may be planned without social distancing measures.
    • Due to space limitations, events with an expected attendance of 250 or greater will not be scheduled until August 1, 2021 (with the exception of Academic Classes, Athletic Competitions, and Signature Events) unless granted permission from the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Executive Director of Event and Venue Management.  Requests for event exceptions should only be submitted after requesting a reservation in the KSU Reservations Portal and working with your Event Coordinator.  Once a reservation request is made in the KSU Reservations Portal, exception requests may be submitted through this Owl Life Form
    • Student Organizations are encouraged to plan events where waves of students may attend throughout a window of time.  For example, an event where 15 members come every 30 minutes to pick up event supplies, and then everyone logs into a virtual meeting in the evening to participate in the event together. 
    • All requested events larger than 250 people must be reviewed and approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs and Executive Director of Event and Venue Management to ensure they are following applicable guidelines: 
      • Post signage upon entry regarding social distancing guidelines.  
      • Have contactless registration and check-in methods (see Taking Attendance at Your Event section for more information).
      • Use an RSVP or ticketing process to maintain the capacity of the expected crowd (see Owl Life section for more information on setting up an Owl Life event to collect RSVPs).
      • Include screening questions for entry procedures, whenever practical (see Screening Questions and Temperature Checks section for more information). 
      • Have assigned staff or volunteers monitoring the number of attendees at the meeting/event to not exceed the maximum social distanced capacity.  
      • Require Event Staff or Volunteers (members/officers working the event) to:  
        • Answer screening questions and self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 (see Screening Questions and Temperature Checks section for more information).  
        • Not report to the meeting/event and seek medical attention if they exhibit any symptoms.  
        • Physically distance from guests, where possible  
        • Wear a face covering if within 6 feet of an attendee or fellow staff/volunteer. 
  • Scrappy wearing a face mask
    • Based on guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the University System of Georgia has updated its face mask requirements. Fully vaccinated individuals may resume on campus activities without wearing a face mask, including indoors. Unvaccinated individuals are strongly encouraged to continue to socially distance from others when possible and wear face mask while inside campus facilities.
    • Some members may not be able to wear a face covering and this should not prohibit participation.  Please provide a virtual participation opportunity when possible.
    • Tabling will be available at outdoor locations and limited indoor locations and must be reserved through the KSU Reservations Portal. In the event of inclement weather, the outdoor tabling reservation will be automatically be cancelled and the student organization is responsible for submitting a new reservation form through the KSU Reservations Portal.
    • If your organization is hosting a simple information table, please use the "RSO Reserve an Information Table" template in the KSU Reservations Portal.  If your tabling event will have amplified sound, a fundraiser, or any other element beyond handing out information, please use the "Internal Event Request Form" in the KSU Reservations Portal.
    • Please be sure to select the option to add one table plus two chairs (see picture below).
    • The host is responsible for bringing sanitation wipes/spray to disinfect the table before and after use. If the host/organization does not have sanitation wipes to clean your table(s), they can go to the Information Desk inside the Student Center where they will be provided with one.

    Screenshot of Reservation Portal showing where to select the option to add a table plus two chairs.

    • Host is encouraged to wear a face covering (see Face Coverings section above) and gloves. 
    • Hand sanitizer should be available for guests and the host. 
    • Please be sure to submit a Fundraising Request Form in addition to the space request through the KSU Reservations Portal.
  • KSU Catering logo
    • Catering is available based on successfully meeting building and space requirements.
    • “Catering” is defined as food service that meets the following conditions: 
      • The food to be served is prepared and transported by a licensed restaurant, caterer, or other food service provider.  
      • The food requires setup and/or on‐site service (such as chafers, sterno, or other heat source, banquet attendants, servers, etc.) or any food that requires temperature maintenance. 
    • KSU Catering
      • Buffets will require attendants to serve guest, as self service is not yet allowed. KSU Catering also has equipment that provides a safe covering of food on buffets. Utensils are wrapped and also served to guest as they exit the line. Beverage stations will continue as self-serve, a “Fresh Cup” policy is in place which protects against possible cross contamination. 
        • Event host must assist in controlling traffic to the buffet and consider additional time that may be required to serve all in attendance due to the 6ft required while in line. 
      • Additional Catering Fees 
        • Attendant Fee - covers the additional staff required to facilitate buffets. Events that do not fall within the drop off / delivery category, will be accessed the Attendant Fee, as needed. These fees are charged per attendant, per hour, and will vary based on the needs of each individual event. 
    • Small PA systems may be checked out from the Kennesaw Campus per usual using the form in Owl Life (Kennesaw Campus Small PA System Checkout Form).
    • All A/V needs on the Marietta Campus should be included in your reservation request and arranged by your Event Coordinator. 
    • The host is responsible for bringing sanitation wipes/spray to disinfect the small PA system before and after use. 
    • All performances and rehearsals shoud occur with appropriate precautions. Please refer to the resources below for considerations during different types of performance activities:
    • Student organizations may sponsor slide shows, videotapes, or films on campus provided they comply with all copyright regulations.
    • Student organizations must obtain permission from the individuals who have the rights to the film prior to showing the film.
    • Student organizations may choose to show films for free or charge for admission. However, the cost of obtaining a license to show a film where patrons will be charged is more expensive than a freescreening.
    • Organizations may not use videos rented from local distributors, personally owned items, or online streaming services (e.g. Netflix) to show videos to mass audiences. This is a violation of the law, as these are intended for home viewing purposes only.
    • Please contact the Department of Student Activities to learn how to obtain movie licensing.  Email
  • As of June 1st, travel restrictions for RSOs to represent the student organization in off-campus Events or Activities have been lifted.  Domestic travel will resume following the normal travel process.  International travel will need to be registered with the Office of International Safety and Security (p. 25 of the RSO Manual).


Additional Resources


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • In order to minimize the spread of COVID-19 though high touch surfaces, all on campus events for registered student organizations, fraternities, and sororities must use the contactless check-in process by entering students’ KSU ID numbers or email addresses in Owl Life.  Please review our instructions for setting up an event in Owl Life and using the contactless check-in feature

  • Your organization will pay for A/V when your event requires additional equipment other than the built-in equipment in your space (if there is any). Additionally, you will pay for A/V when your event requires a technician outside of regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM).