Organization Leadership Development

Leadership is important to the mission of Kennesaw State University. There are a number of ways to develop your leadership skills and potential. The Department of Student Activities offers workshops, conference and trainings to help student organization leaders develop the skills needed to foster a successful student organization.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact RSO Support at


Spring 2017 Workshops for Student Organizations:

SABAC Annual Budget Workshop

  • February 24: Kennesaw
  • February 28: Marietta
  • March 1: Kennesaw

RSO Re-Registration Workshops (learn about the 2017-2018 Re-Registration process, which opens April 2017 and must be completed by September 2017 for all RSOs to be active next academic year)

  • April 11: Marietta, Wilson Student Center, Room 216, 5-6pm
  • April 13: Kennesaw, Carmichael Student Center, Leadership Room, 5-6pm

Fall 2016 Workshops for Student Organizations:

RSO Leadership Conference

  • August 27: Kennesaw

RSO Classification Info Meeting

  • October 24: Kennesaw
  • October 27: Marietta

Officer Transition Workshops

  • November 10: Kennesaw
  • November 14: Marietta

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